Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Smiling SMS

49. Wise and successful people always have two things on their lips, silence and smile. Smile solves the problems and silence avoids the problem.

50. A smile is the sweetest thing you can say without opening your mouth.

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51. Your smile can be compared to a flower, your voice can be compared to a cuckoo, your innocence to a child, but in stupidity you have no comparison, you are the best.

52. A smile costs nothing bit it can be worth a fortune to the one receiving it.

53. Sharp is your memory; sweet is your name, deep in my heart you will always remain. Earth wants water, flower wants dew and I want nothing but a smile from you.

54. A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. Pass it on.

55. One has got to get up every morning with a smile on one's face, and show the world all the love in one's heart.

56. Life is better what you are happy, but life is at its best when other people are happy because of you. Share your smile.

57. In the time of everything, a smile is still something affordable. Stock it and use it. It has huge returns.

58. Smile increases value of face, Anger spoils beauty of soul, Faith is force of life and Confidence is companion of success, so keep smiling.

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59. What's the difference between your and my smile? You smile when you are happy and I smile when you are happy.

60. Be helpful. When you see a person without a smile, give them yours.

61. Speed is calculated as miles per hours, but life is calculated as smiles per hour. So, increase your smile to get extra mileage in life.

62. A smile is a way of writing your thoughts on your face, telling others that they are accepted, liked and appreciated. So, here's a big smile just for you! :)

63. Your smile is phuljari; your cheeks are anaar; you are a patakha; and your fingure is a bomb! Please escape from here before I light you with a candle.

64. Don't depress yourself in any moment of life, Life it with a face full of smile why waste time crying, when you know you are here just for a while.

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